12 players making more money than Kevin Durant next season

Kevin Durant took quite a pay cut on his latest deal to keep the Warriors’ championship core together. His new deal is for two-years, $53 million, with the second year being a player option. Durant will now Wholesale Jerseys make $25 million next season, which is actually less than his 2016-2017 salary. In fact, it’s nearly $10 million less than the max the Warriors could have offered him for the upcoming season. That’s quite a pay cut.

This move was certainly a huge favor to the Warriors and to put it into perspective, here are all of the players who will be making more than the reigning NBA Finals MVP. Each of the following players listed have certainly earned what they will make next season; it’s just crazy that once again the arguable greatest player in the league will not be the highest paid. He won’t even be in the top 10.

“I really care about my family. I really care about my kids. I really care about my wife. And I really care about their happiness. It’s a part of the decision. If I’m being completely honest, it’s 30 percent winning, it’s 30 percent salary, it’s 30 percent fit or enjoyment of playing/how I think I’ll like playing there. And the other 10 percent is how do I look out for my family and their lifestyle? And my wife wants me to be happy. I think that’s the Super Cheap Jerseys main thing. She knows how much I put into this, and so she wants me to enjoy playing.”

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