Clemson’s national title is commemorated by 13 highway signs in South Carolina

It’s been almost two months since Clemson’s thrilling 35-31 victory over Alabama, which gave the Tigers their second national title in school history, the first coming in 1981.

To commemorate the championship, Clemson now has its very own highway road sign in South Carolina. There are 13 of these signs in South Carolina, which read “Clemson University 2016 College Football National Champions.” One of them was unveiled on Friday morning, and it sits on U.S. 76:

Chicago squeaked out a 104-103 victory against the Celtics on Thursday thanks to two free throws from Jimmy Butler in the final minute. That gave Chicago 17 straight wins on TNT Thursday night games.

But the franchise has seen many names and faces since the streak begun three years ago. (FanRag’s Jason Patt, a Bulls fan and former writer here, even made the hashtag #TNTBulls a thing)

Through this impressive stretch, the Bulls transitioned from a roster built around Derrick Rose to a team re-tooled around Rose and emerging Jimmy Butler. Now, the streak lives on with Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo as Butler’s veteran supporting cast.

And it’s not like the Bulls have dominated elsewhere during that span. Their record over the past three-plus years in non-TNT Thursday home games is 134-116, a 54-percent mark.

Yet if nothing happens, so to speak, then he’ll get there. And he doesn’t even have to make a move to his boyhood club.

Whether there’s space for Kane to become as generally iconic of his time as Shearer is up for debate. Despite those pre-Premier League seasons at Southampton, Shearer’s journey from promising to good to great is intimately entwined with the growth of the breakaway league from money-making wheeze through to cultural juggernaut.3

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