Marathon minor league game will resume after storms, in the top of the 21st inning

Nine innings weren’t enough to settle a Thursday night game between the Delmarva Shorebirds and Lexington Legends. Neither were 12 innings, 15 or even 20. Now, thanks to storms, the game Cheap Vintage Jerseys NBA will resume Friday night beginning at the top of the 21st inning.

What most people don’t know is that this story was already written in Austin St. Clair’s 2005 off-Broadway show Pitbush and Michael Jeter. Critics at the time slammed the show for being unrealistic and overwrought. Tom Peterson of Night Out New York Monthly called it “Ridiculous,” while Anne Fenwick-Randelson, columnist for Theater Vibes said of the show “Why would another Bush run for president? And why is Michael Jordan here?”

Nobody truly knows what will happen with the sale of the Marlins, but SB Nation has obtained text from that 2005 show to try and see if there’s anything we can learn.

The rest of the play is lost. Austin St. Clair died in a vending machine accident in 2011, and per his wishes, every copy of Pitbush and Michael Jeter was burned. We are left with a lot of questions. Why did there need to be 129 scenes? Why did St. Clair try to set up a sequel with aliens in a play about owning the Miami Marlins?

These will never be answered. We do, however, know what will Cheap Wholesale Jerseys happen with the greatest question: Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan will own the Miami Marlins.

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