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What Actually Happens During the NFL’s ‘Dead Period’? More Than You Think

And now Riley is to NFL coaches what Kelly once was—the guy Detroit Tigers Cheap Jerseys so many of them want to meet, talk ball and trade info with. So chances are that come fall, what you see on Sundays across the league will look a little more like Oklahoma.

In this week’s summer vacation edition of the MMQB, we’re going to jump into the Cowboys’ rebuild-on-the-fly of the last two years, dig a little deeper into Jameis Winston’s suspension, explain how the NFL’s new rookie transition program works for one team (and that’s actually really cool), and get you an early look at how the 2018 college seniors are being graded by the national scouting services.

When I asked one NFL head coach about OU’s system, he answered, I like it a lot. His players know what they’re doing, and his plays complement each other. He gets the quarterback lots of easy yards and completions. Another head coach added, The way he mixes tempo and attacks people, love it. And so guys like these have come to campus, either as part of normal scouting or on special recon trips, with questions.

Well to do football – really to be anywhere else, if you’ve read my bio, which has been the same quote for a long time, I would like to retire with the team I came in with, he told host Jimmy Traina. I’d like to be Cal Ripken or Walter Payton. It’s in my bio. I’ve said that for 20 years. So I have a rare opportunity. I Hockey Jerseys couldn’t see doing it anywhere else. I could see doing it, but nowhere else.

Here is the full exchange from the podcast:

BERMAN: Well, I mean, I could see doing it, but I experience other things in life – and of course we had a tragedy last year, too, so that was not the most important adjustment I was going to make. My wife, Kathy, passed in a car crash on May 9, so that was an adjustment too, professionally. Sorry for me to take each one in an individual test tube. But to answer your specific question, I’m still going to hit a couple training camps, still going to be in touch. … I think I’m going to go see the Ryder Cup in Paris.

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