Ravens RB thought he was going to have to deliver his son in the car

On Saturday, Ravens running back Justin Forsett thought he and his wife were going to have a perfect Valentine’s Day of Shake Shack and a Lauryn Hill concert. The next thing he knew, he was on the verge of getting ready to deliver his baby in his car on the side of the road. Forsett wrote about the experience on SportsBlog. Some highlights:

About halfway there, these contractions are getting really bad. Angie’s squeezing my hand and yelling. My son’s in the back yelling and crying because she’s yelling and crying. The nursery rhyme CD he likes is blasting. At this point, she’s throwing up. It’s crazy right now in the car. I was trying to be the calm one in the vehicle. Internally, I’m freaking out.

Just get us there safely and fast. The contractions are like four minutes apart. When we were getting close, she looks at me and screams, “He’s ready to come out!” Even though we are still about 30 minutes away, I keep telling her that we are almost there, to keep breathing, hold on. At one point, I’m thinking, man, we might have to stop this car and I might have to deliver this baby.

You can read the whole thing over on SportsBlog. It’s worth your time.

Sammie Coates has size and speed at 6’2 and 213 pounds. The Auburn wideout is expected to run a good 40, and if he does, could impress. But where he lacks is in pure receiving skills. The Gauntlet figures to be an opportunity for him to show he’s worked on his ball skills enough to warrant an early-round selection.

Phillip Dorsett out of Miami could be the fastest receiver at the combine, which, considering the talent level, says a lot about his raw speed. His ability to take over a game is in question, however, as he wasn’t exceptional from a numbers standpoint in college.

DeVante Parker could be the first receiver selected if he solidifies himself as a superior athlete. He has an 80-inch wingspan and stands 6’3, plenty big enough to get a look as a future No. 1 receiver.

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