Stephen Jones isn’t sure why Dez Bryant hasn’t signed

The Cowboys didn’t want receiver Dez Bryant. The Cowboys aren’t sure why no one else does.

The Cowboys seem to be engaged in an awkward good-cop, bad-cop routine regarding Dez, with guys like Will McClay and Sanjay Lal making candid negative remarks about his current skills and guys like Stephen Jones and Jerry Jones throwing Dez repeated verbal bouquets. It’s almost as if the Joneses are trying to keep Dez from being more upset with the Cowboys than he already is — even though Jerry has made it clear that there’s no way Dez will be coming back.

So, to summarize: The Cowboys think Dez would be a great addition to any NFL team. Except theirs, of course.

Appearing on The Mark and Rich Show on XTRA 1360 in San Diego, AAF director of football operations J.K. McKay was asked whether the upstart league is interested in the blackballed quarterback.

“That’s a very good question,” McKay said. “I don’t know Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys the answer yet. I don’t know if we’ve had any conversations yet. If he’s interested in playing, absolutely we’ll talk about it.”

That last part of the response is intriguing. Does McKay mean “if Kaepernick is interested in playing for the AAF,” or does McKay mean “if Kaepernick is interested in playing at all”? If it’s the latter, some may wonder whether the AAF — which clearly hopes to become a complement to the NFL — is trying in a not-so-subtle way to bolster the NFL’s not-so-subtle position that Kaepernick doesn’t really want to play football.

And, yes, J.K. McKay is the brother of Falcons CEO and NFL Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay, further underscoring the connection between the AAF and the league that currently faces a collusion claim from Kaepernick.

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