Take away half of the games, move them all to Weeks 2 through 7, and only feature marquee matchups.

I don’t think every team should get a Thursday night game. Playing on national television should be earned. If you’re not any good, you haven’t earned that right. If the games are marquee matchups, the fans will be fired up and so will the players.

One pitfall to this is the select teams to play on these Thursdays get that extra NFL Jerseys Wholesale built in bye week, which I’d consider an advantage for those matchups. Also, again, the players won’t make as much money, which I think we’d never agree to.

For the current bye week schedule now, players get a mandatory four days off. Those can be Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Monday. However, most coaching staffs give Tuesday-Sunday off, then a light workout on Monday, followed by the customary off day, and then into the work week on Wednesday.

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