Tamba Hali and rookie Dee Ford could be seen laying the smack down on Tannehill repeatedly during the game

As for Mr. Poe, he and his Chiefs were actually on the winning side of the ledger Sunday after beating the Dolphins in Miami, and he played a prominent role in the win.

Do not let the final score fool you, It was 20-15 until near the end of the fourth quarter. As ugly as the game was, it was the Chiefs’ defense that kept them in it most of the game as their offense sputtered. A big part of that defensive effort was the constant pressure they were able to apply on Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill. That pressure never allowed him to feel comfortable in the pocket for very long.

Linebackers Justin Houston, Tamba Hali and rookie Dee Ford could be seen laying the smack down on Tannehill repeatedly during the game. One of the reasons they were able to rush around the corner and have Tannehill still be where they could reach him is because Poe was helping to clog the middle of the line, not allowing him to step up or take off running. Houston and Hali both came home with sacks of their own, but by the end of the game it was Poe who was the high sack man with one and a half, including one in the fourth quarter.

As a reminder, Poe is a 330+ pound nose tackle — NOSE. TACKLE. — With a sack and a half in hot ass Miami on a day when his team really needed him to show up. I tip my cap to you sir and hereby anoint you a Co-Hoss Of The Week recipient.

While Jackson and Pierre Garcon garner most of the attention from Washington’s opponents, Niles Paul is leading the team with 253 receiving yards at 14.1 yards per catch. In his fourth year, Paul has been consistent with 86, 99 and 68 yards receiving in the first three games, respectively.

The Giants came into the year with uncertainty at tight end, but might have the makings of an answer in Larry Donnell. A second-year player out of Grambling State, Donnell has 18 catches for 182 yards and a touchdown, ranking second on the Giants in yardage behind Victor Cruz. Donnell has had a minimum of five catches in each game.1

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