“That’s Lord Stanley,” Tomlin said. “That’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?”

He added, “Hopefully we represent Pittsburgh and Western Pa. in a similar way here in a few months.”

The Steelers, who finished with the No. 3 seed in the AFC last season, feel the Patriots are the final “obstacle” they need to get over. Shazier isn’t the only one confident they can do that.

It has been 15 years since the NFL had to run through its own version of an expansion draft, although the rules were much different than what the Golden Knights will go through Wednesday.

The NHL allowed teams to protect as many as 11 players from being snared by Vegas, and on Wednesday the team will get to choose one player from each of the other 30 NHL franchises. In 2002, the Houston Texans received a list of 155 players — five from each of the other 31 NFL teams — and were required to claim at least 30 players or at least $27.2 million in contracts.

Houston plucked 19 players from the other rosters, including three each from the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets.

The NFL won’t have to run through that fire drill again any time soon … or ever. With 32 franchises, the league has eight divisions of four teams. Spoiling that easily divisible number with a 33rd franchise doesn’t make sense.

But let’s pretend it does. What kind of roster could a brand new NFL Cheap Jerseys MLB China franchise piece together Cheap Jerseys In UK from the scraps of other teams?

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