The NFL typically does not tack on a suspension after a player is ejected from a game.

Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree were each facing a two-game suspension after they were ejected over a fight that started a brawl in Broncos vs. Raiders on Sunday. Both suspensions were reduced to one New Cheap Jerseys game on appeal. But the original discipline was an unusual punishment for the league to hand out for an on-field infraction.

There’s usually a fine involved, but the league often counts the playing time the guy already NFL Jerseys Authentic forfeited as punishment enough.

Multi-game suspensions for on-field infractions are even rarer. It’s only happened six times prior to this incident. Talib and Crabtree’s suspensions will be the second and third such punishments handed out this year (Vontaze Burfict served a three-game suspension to start the season for a blindside hit in the preseason).

So what’s different about the situation with Talib and Crabtree? Let’s start with the incident itself.

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