There are many directions the Bills could go in the draft

Because Ramczyk had trouble against top competition, I was looking forward to getting a good look at Alabama left tackle Cam Robinson. He is the other left tackle who might be the first off the board. I didnt watch much college football during last season, but you almost have to actively try to avoid watching Alabama these days. They seem to be on TV every week, and they have found a way to make it to the championship game repeatedly.

So I did already have occasion to see a couple of Bama games last fall, and of course I’ve already done one breakdown of an Alabama player, Jonathan Allen. Being able to take a look at how Alabama’s offense has evolved the last few years was a happy byproduct.

For so long Alabama was seen as this throwback team that ran a quote, unquote, “pro-style offense.” Now with the proliferation of spread principles in every level of football, you have to switch to spread offense, or at least dabble in it, in order to keep up with the Joneses. For a lot of the kids coming out of high school, spread offenses are almost all that they have ever known, from their little league teams to their seven-on-seven squads.

There are many directions the Bills could go in the draft, but getting Stephon Cheap High Quality NFL Jerseys Gilmore’s replacement early is probably the top priority. The only other need that could come close is receiver, but Cheap Basketball Jerseys UK nobody jumps out at pick 44 who could be the instant solution. Instead, Njoku somehow stayed on the board and is an athletic player to work with in the passing game.

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