Thunder mascot visited the Royals to show he’s secretly good at baseball

Can you ever really have too many mascots? Of course not! And to prove it, Oklahoma City Thunder mascot Rumble the Bison spent Sunday hanging out with Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerrr before a Royals game — and it was complete and utter mascot mayhem.

To be a mascot, you have to be able to dance (obviously), but these guys are really good. And somehow, they’re even better at sports, which Rumble proved by throwing out the first pitch at the game:

Yup, that’s a STRIKE. And did you see that dang flip on his way to the mound? You don’t usually think of mascots as athletes, but if this is how athletic they ALL are … then there might a new World Series contender next year.

Bad news, y’all: the homer sculpture won’t be going off during the Derby, because it takes far too long to setup after each explosion of sound and spinning.

Royals’ third baseman Mike Moustakas was Sano’s round one opponent, and the lefty had more of a challenge in front of him given Marlins Park’s dimensions and also the whole Sano having ridiculous power thing. Moose has a career-high in homers this season already, though, so don’t discount him.

Moustakas finally started mashing as the clock approached two minutes, going Cheap Vikings Jerseys from one to seven in a hurry before calling timeout to get a breather. He didn’t have much Cheap US Jerseys to offer after that timeout, though, as Moustakas finished with 10, failing to get any of his liners over the fence the rest of the way out. As his longest shot was 442 feet, he didn’t earn the bonus time to put him over the edge, so it’s Sano who advances.

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