Twins fan asks Miguel Sano for a hug via sign, and he happily delivers

During Saturday’s game between the Twins and Athletics, a fan in the stands put effort into making a sign just for Miguel Sano that read, “Miguel Sano can I have a HUG?” Sano noticed her sign and ran over immediately to give her a quick hug, because there’s always time to share a hug.

And sure, she and another fan botched a high five right after the hug, and the Twins lost to Oakland 5-4, but whatever! Sano made that fan’s day, and that’s what counts most.

This was the have-cake-and-eat-it-too deadline, which is understandable for a team that needs a steady supply of prospects and pre-arbitration players in order to compete. That doesn’t make the bullpen reinforcements any more appealing, though.

Cishek is the big bullpen catch, a ball of funk who was having a nice season for the Mariners. But he still needs to be protected against left-handers, which isn’t something teams usually have the luxury of doing with their best relievers. Romo was designated for assignment for a reason, and his fall has been precipitous. Roe has thrown two innings in the majors this year, and the 30-year-old’s ceiling has been entirely ordinary up until now.

I love the Lucas Duda trade, but the bullpen reinforcements Cheap Orioles Jerseys are what a team gets when they don’t want to give away good prospects. It makes sense for the Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys Rays, given what they need to survive. That doesn’t mean I can slap a winning grade on them, though.

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