Watch: Trailer for ‘Alone in the Game,’ film that explores elite LGBT athletes

“Alone in the Game,” a new documentary about elite LGBT athletes set to debut June 15 at the AFI Docs Film Festival in Washington, poses an interesting hypothetical.

“What if,” ESPN commentator LZ Granderson says, “the next LeBron James is even better, but he might be gay. Are we going to miss out on seeing a great athlete because of homophobia? I sure hope not.”

The powerful trailer for the documentary packs a lot into two minutes, but the film’s creator and executive producer, Dan McFarland, told USA Today that the athletes’ stories are notable not because they’re out as gay and lesbian athletes but how many more like them there could be and should be, if not for prejudices in society.

“If there wasn’t homophobia in sports, and if everyone felt comfortable in being who they were,” U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe says, “then everyone who is gay would be out.”

“I’d always planned on killing myself when I was done with football,” former NFL offensive lineman Ryan O’Callaghan says. “I thought I’d rather be dead than an out gay man.”

“I felt like the only option,” former Arizona and Pepperdine basketball Cheap Qld School NBA Jerseys player Layana White says, “was to just take my life.”

Here’s a first look at the powerful trailer for the feature-length film that will run on AT&T Audience Network at 8 p.m. ET June 28.

For example, Derrick Henry last year was torn a new one by Titans teammate Jurrell Casey for not being on hand for the first day of the offseason workout program.

“It definitely puts that little check mark in the back of my mind and lets me know who I can count on, who I can’t count on,” Casey said, according to the Tennessean.

Casey was worried about who he could count on … in April, on the first Cheap Queensland Jerseys day the doors were open. Henry was back at Alabama taking classes, likely because he knew he could not count on Casey to take them for him, since that would be ridiculous.

No word on whether it was an English class, although Henry’s teammate might be the one who needs one, because he might not know what “voluntary” means.

Mike Mularkey, their coach, seemed to know — he just also seemed to feel the word should be synonymous with “mandatory,” because his reaction to Henry’s absence was, “Maybe I used to get disappointed. I have no control over it.”

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