Weekly Reader: Why the Vegas Golden Knights should be Canada’s team

These couples jerseys are like one of those grandiose hats at the Kentucky Derby that looks like someone purchased everything at a Lexington craft store and glued it to their heads: great for a photo opportunity, utterly impractical otherwise. There’s always going to be one half of the couple walking around in some dumb “STORY” jersey.

Brian Boucher is one of our favorite broadcasters with whom to talk puck, and he brought it in our conversation about Pekka Rinne, Fleury and the complicated relationship between goalies and referees. That, plus plenty of conference finals chatter and an in-depth discussion on legalized betting in hockey. Stream it here, or grab it on iTunes here.

The offense never took off until Peterson was traded Cheap College Jerseys during their bye week. The defense was really good and it’s fair to question if it can keep being good into the 2018 season, but the players didn’t change, and Lattimore/Williams aren’t rookies this year. They should be better, especially with the addition of Marcus Davenport. The edge rusher out of UTSA might have cost two first-round picks, but if he’s the missing piece to put the Saints over the top, it’s well worth the price of admission. Offensively it’s hard to imagine the Saints struggling unless there’s some catastrophic injury.

“It starts off with tours of the facility and then a presentation by the coaching staff so they get a little bit of football knowledge,” Doreen Ash said. “They get to see what the players do. And then they go out on the field and do some of the drills, which, to me, is the most fun. It’s just a fun event, something different.”

Sherman, who will bring a team of 17 friends to the event, echoed that sentiment.

They filled the roster spots with a pair of undrafted free agents. Defensive tackle Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys Dalton Keene was the Missouri Valley Conference defensive player of the year at Illinois State last season and safety Charles Williams is coming off an 80-tackle season at Louisville.

With Keene and Williams in the fold, the Rams now have 16 undrafted rookies on the roster along with 11 players selected in last month’s draft.

In March of 2008, then-Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall severed an artery, a vein and a nerve in his right forearm … thanks to a misplaced McDonald’s bag.

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