Which NFL players would make the best wrestlers?

Transitioning from football to professional wrestling is nothing new. Former WWE and WCW superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg, The Rock, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan all made the leap to more lucrative careers in the squared circle. The tradition continues today; before he was a current WWE headliner, Roman Reigns was All-ACC defensive lineman Joe A’noai. Bray Wyatt was Troy center Windham Rotunda. Mojo Rawley was Maryland defensive tackle Dean Muhtadi.

Williams’ performance wasn’t the first time Impact had pulled a non-wrestler into a wrestling role, but likely the most impressive. What’s even more impressive? The veteran running back Packers Cheap Jerseys says he did it with only three days practice.

Not every NFL veteran could transition as smoothly, but it’s clear the Philadelphia Eagles Cheap Jerseys athleticism and toughness that comes with playing in the league can mold some great wrestlers. With that in mind, here’s our wish list for the next generation of WWE (or Impact. Or Ring of Honor. Or Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Or New Japan Pro Wrestling) superstars from the world of football.

Doug Martin’s three-game suspension to start the season sets up the Bucs’ backfield to be turned upside down early. While Jacquizz Rodgers will be the next man up, this is developing into a wide-open committee, without and with Martin.

McNichols has more than stolen the first-team receiving reps of Charles Sims early, and he’s also proved to be a powerful runner. Given McNichols (5-9, 213 pounds) looks like a Boise State clone of Martin (5-9, 223 pounds), it’s also looking like McNichols will get more chances to push for a lead role.

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