Dobbs has an incredible arm, but he can do more than just throw.

Dobbs will make game-changing plays inside and outside the pocket. But while his athleticism sets him apart from other quarterbacks in the draft, he still has a few flaws.

Dobbs has a cannon. Arm strength won’t be an issue. The deep ball might even be a strength, as he completed an elite 47.7 percent of his passes covering 21-plus yards during his collegiate career, including 14 touchdowns.

That touch was on display last season against Appalachian State with a 67-yard hookup with Josh Malone with Tennessee trailing 13-6 early in the fourth quarter, and again Cheap Jerseys With Free Shipping in the Music City Bowl against Nebraska, when he connected with Malone for a 59-yard score in the fourth quarter.

Dobbs has an incredible arm, but he can do more than just throw.

Fortunately for the prospect, the league seems to be shifting toward a smaller, faster linebacker, like 2016 first-round pick Darron Lee. Similar in size, Reeves-Maybin also sees the trend, but credits the need for versatility at all positions over the need for speed.

“It’s becoming such a pad-heavy league, and you know the offenses are changing in the NFL but I think it’s just about versatility, more so than just pure speed everywhere. Versatility at safety, versatility at running back, versatility at tight end, so I feel like all the positions are really changing to the common thing — you can say speed — but also just versatility. Being able to do multiple aspects of the game.”

For starters, Mahomes will have to break the stigma of air raid quarterbacks not being Cheap Jerseys Youth able to hack it in the NFL. He’s a better passer than those before him from similar systems, like Brandon Weeden, Geno Smith, or Case Keenum, but it’s still not a great track record.

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