Former MLB outfielder Danny Tartabull arrested after avoiding warrant for five years

After five years of laying low, former MLB outfielder Danny Tartabull has been arrested on a longstanding warrant for unpaid child support.

Tartabull, 54, was arrested on July 24 after he called police because someone broke into his car at his apartment in Agoura, Calif., TMZ Sports reported. Once police ran his name through the system, they saw the 2012 warrant and promptly arrested him.

In the incident, Cousins and teammate Matt Barnes were allegedly involved in an altercation Dec. 5 with several other patrons at a nightclub in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Two people who were injured, Jasmine Besiso, 26, and Myrone Powell, 35, filed a civil suit against Barnes and Cousins, for assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. They are seeking damages in excess of $75,000.

The New York Daily News had reported Friday that Barnes planned to turn himself in soon, possibly this week, on misdemeanor assault charges, but that Cousins was not expected to be charged.

The brawl started after Barnes accidentally bumped into a woman, and she allegedly slapped him. According to the Daily News, Powell claims Cousins punched him in the head, and he says Barnes and his entourage then beat him.

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