Giants set up Paul Perkins for big breakout season in 2017

Paul Perkins in New York did not have the same kind of rookie season as Ezekiel Elliott in Dallas or Jordan Howard in Chicago. But the Giants running back will rank near the top of the 2016 draft class soon enough.

Perkins became the Giants’ starting running back for 2017 after the team released Rashad Jennings on Monday. Jennings was a serviceable, older back for three season in New York, but its backfield is long overdue for a true workhorse.

Perkins is a good man for that job.

Taylor’s first two seasons in Buffalo weren’t spectacular, but they were consistent. Both his passing and rushing numbers are eerily similar year-to-year. The difference between him making the Pro Bowl in 2015 and failing to do so in 2016 came down to a drop-off in yards per attempt (8.3 to 7.1) and the resulting slide in passer rating (99.4 to 89.7).

Taylor, despite working under noted QB killer Rex Ryan, has been an above average passer, buoyed by being one of the league’s most effective rushing QBs. He also has had to work with two offensive coordinators in two seasons, Greg Roman and Anthony Lynn.

When Smith made that announcement, he cited “the blessing of (his) family, friends Basketball Jerseys and fans.”

With Smith’s family now being his No. 1 priority, good for him Texas Rangers Cheap Jerseys for shunning any activities that might fuel his raging competitive fire and tempt him to make yet another comeback.

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