Jermichael Finley injury: Packers TE to undergo spinal fusion surgery

This four-man rush philosophy is often known as the “bend but don’t break” defense. The idea is to keep everything in front of you if you’re a deep defender — don’t give up big, back-breaking game-changing plays over the top, instead allowing shorter, more manageable gains before tightening up in the red zone.

Below, this concept is apparent. Carolina rushes only four, with Atlanta leaving seven in to protect! Eight if you count Rodgers, who leaks out to the sideline after looking like he’ll chip on the end. As you can see, Carolina has seven defenders in pass coverage on only two deep receiving options. Atlanta’s third option, from the backfield, is only able to pick up maybe a yard before being hit by heads up defenders:

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley is planning to undergo spinal fusion surgery in an attempt to save his NFL career.

Finley, who suffered a spinal contusion against the Browns last month, has been placed on injured reserve but still hopes to continue playing football. In a statement released by his agent (per Pro Football Talk), Finley says his main objective is to live a long, healthy life with his family.

The surgery isn’t considered 100 percent necessary, according to FInley’s agent, but it will reduce the risk that Finley suffers a similar injury in the future.

Joseph Maroon, a neurosurgeon for the Direct Cheap Jerseys Pittsburgh Steelers, will be performing Finley’s surgery. Finley has spent the last few weeks seeking out the best medical opinions for his injury, and opinions have varied from doctor to doctor. Once Finley has Custom Cheap Jerseys the surgery, he should have a better idea of how likely he is to play football again.

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