Manager Aaron Boone said he didn’t know why it happened.

That’s a good question, he said, smiling. Did you get an answer on that? Yeah, um. We’ll make sure it’s secure (Sunday) when we head out there.

Why was it open in the first place? Yankees reliever Chasen Shreve said he wasn’t sure who had opened it last, but that typically there’s a stadium security guard at the door who watches over it and the bullpen.

None of the Yankees’ relievers were in the bullpen at the time. Guess who else wasn’t Premier League Cheap Jerseys in the bullpen: the security guard. Shreve said there wasn’t a guard there all game, either. Shreve said the guard was there during the Yankees’ win on Friday and every other time Shreve has been to Queens.

After the play, Conforto closed the door and Yankees bullpen coach Mike Harkey came out and made sure it stayed that way.

In fact, the Niners head coach is next-level genius as a play caller and play designer, Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Staley attested Thursday on The Rich Eisen Show.

I’ve never been around a play caller like him as far as the Xs and Os and just completely understanding how every single piece fits together, Staley explained. With him, he doesn’t just have mastery of the run game or the passing game or the screen or the draw. I mean, he has a complete understanding of everything.

And not only what we’re trying to do schematically, but how it fits and how every single person on the football field has a job and the play has to be set up in a certain way the way he calls the play in the game to set up something in maybe the third, fourth quarter down the road and how the defense is attacking. He’s like next-level genius stuff that I’ve never really been around. It’s really, really exciting as a player to be around a guy like that that you just have full, full confidence every single time you’re on the field that this is the exact right play call that we need in this situation.

To put Staley’s praise into perspective, he has been in San Francisco for more than a decade, soaking Rugby Cheap Jerseys in game plans from respected offensive minds such as Mike Martz, Jimmy Raye, Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh.

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