Memphis looked like a lottery team when its floor general went to the bench.

Last season, Griffin only played 35 games, missing time with a Rugby Cheap Jerseys broken hand and a partially torn quad tendon. He reaggravated the quad in the postseason, forcing him to sit out and helping Portland knock off the wounded Clippers in six games.

Griffin bounced back this season, playing 61 games and only missing time after undergoing minor arthroscopic knee surgery around Christmas. But it’s the third straight season he has played fewer than 70 games, and the third straight for the Clippers to deal with injuries in the postseason.

Los Angeles won Game 3 without Griffin the second half, and L.A. beat Utah in Game 2, as well. The Clippers are now up a game, and Utah is also dealing with injuries — Rudy Gobert went down early with a knee injury in Game 1 and hasn’t played since then.

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Memphis looked like a lottery team when its floor general went to the bench.

With a shortage of timeouts in the fourth quarter and the Spurs clawing within three, David Fizdale had to choose between buying Conley some time on the bench or inserting his guard back into the game. He decided to stop the bleeding.

In a tightly contested game, the Grizzlies outscored the Spurs by not much with Conley on the floor. It was games like Saturday’s that Memphis envisioned when it inked its starting point guard to a $153 million contract, the most lucrative in NBA history.

A moment of brilliance by the Preds was a nightmare for the Blues. Trying to chase the game isn’t easy when you are hemmed in your own zone. The Preds knew that. Playing Laviolette’s game to perfection, they kept the puck moving around the outside of the Blues defensive structure, forcing them to move their feet, knowing that at some point they would tire and a shot would open up.

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