NBA playoff scores 2017: The Rockets showed us how good they can really be

Two more Round 2 series got underway Monday night with the Raptors and Cavaliers playing in the Eastern Conference Semifinals and the Spurs and Rockets in the Western Conference Semifinals. Both were extreme blowouts. LeBron James led the Cavaliers as expected over the NFL Cheap Jerseys Nike Raptors but the Rockets were the surprise of the night, taking down the Spurs in unbelievable fashion. Here’s how it all went down.

James came out in Game 1 against the Raptors with that look in his eye and that bounce in his step. There was nothing you were going to do to stop him and he wanted to make you very aware of that fact.

Hansen had “virtually no recruitment” out of high school, he said, before landing at the only college that offered him a scholarship: FCS Idaho State. He transferred to Cal after his freshman year, 2013, sat out a year under NCAA rules, and was used sparingly in 2015. He became one of America’s most prolific targets only last fall.

“I’ve been able to figure that out, and being able to win the route before the play is even starting, I think that’s huge for me. And I think that’s huge for any great receiver at the next level, is being able to put yourself in the best position possible before the snap. I think that’s something that I do really well.”

Hansen is one of a few receivers with enormous college numbers who’s now trying to prove himself in the NFL.

He is clearly a man who is aware that he’s coming into and operating in a fraternity that will view him with skepticism and even outright hostility (as touched upon in this excellent Sportsnet interview from last year – the comments in that piece are also a fine example of such hostility from “traditionalist” hockey fans), but is unapologetic in stating that he will be the person responsible for personnel decisions in Arizona for as long as his tenure lasts.

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