NBA Playoffs: Damian Lillard predicts Trail Blazers will win in 6 vs. Warriors

Usually players don’t want to give any extra motivation to their opponent, but Damian Lillard doesn’t believe in that.

The Trail Blazers guard appeared on CSN Northwest’s postgame show after the regular-season finale Wednesday night and made a bold prediction for the NBA Playoffs: Trail Blazers in six games over the Warriors.

Citing multiple sources, TMZ is reporting Anthony had been Cheap Kyrie Irving Jerseys seeing a woman, who’s employed as dancer at a New York strip club, before the split. The woman claims she’s more than six months pregnant with the 10-time All-Star’s child and is expecting Anthony to pay for medical expenses.

(UPDATE: A source told the New York Post on Tuesday that Anthony did not impregnate the dancer, but other sources did acknowledge Anthony has been unfaithful for years. The sources said Anthony would tell friends, She’s married, I’m not, referring to La La. He also believes all pro athletes cheat.)

Carmelo and La La, a popular television personality Cheap Lakers Jerseys and actress, have been married for seven years and have a child, 10-year-old Kiyan, together. Anthony signed a five-year, $124 million extension with the Knicks in 2014. He earned $24.5 million this past season and has a no-trade clause in the deal which would pay him $55 million over the next two years.

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