NFL draft results 2017: Big trades kick off eventful 2nd round

Day 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft had some big trades and some big surprises. From the San Francisco 49ers earning a slew of picks for dropping one spot to allow the Chicago Bears the honor of drafting Mitchell Trubisky to the Kansas City Chiefs making a statement by moving up to get Patrick Mahomes II at No. 10 overall, it was an eventful round.

Antonio Pipkin threw for 10,941 total yards and 88 touchdowns as a four-year starter at Division II Tiffin; he also rushed for 2,200 yards in that span … and averaged 7.3 points per game for Tiffin’s basketball team in 2014-15.

Somebody take this guy, please. I want to see what will happen. Entertain me. Be my guinea pig. Yeah, he threw two interceptions in the Senior Bowl. Pick him anyway.

Peterman is skinny, and he isn’t much of a runner (from a frequency standpoint, anyway). He also wasn’t particularly interested in the safe throw. But over the second half of the season, there might not have been a more exciting quarterback.

Fast-rising Patrick Mahomes II was the only player in the green in Cheap Lakers Jerseys every passing category in the chart above. He also has a small stature and small hands. That might scare some Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys teams away, as will the reputation associated with quarterbacks who ran versions of the air raid in college.

Yeah, definitely. This is a whole different football game than playing in the Big 12—when you have to score 50 points a game to win because the offenses are so good, you have to take more chances and put the ball downfield more. In the NFL, you might be facing a coverage where you don’t need to score—you’d like to, but if it’s 3rd-and-15, you might want to take a short pass, get better field position, punt the ball and stuff like that. That’s a win, and you’ve got to know what the situations are, and you’ve got to realize that you have fewer possessions than you have in the Big 12.

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