NFL Draft slides cost millions for some, become blessings in disguise for others

The 2017 NFL Draft brings over $1 billion in new contracts, which players will sign over the course of the months after they’re selected.

The money is huge, and the cost of falling in the draft for a player can be big.

Here’s a look at some of the main financials you need to know for the NFL Draft, if and when players slip.

Prescott has the right offseason attitude, which is half the battle to avoid a similar second-year setback.

“In Year 1 we just scratched the surface,” Prescott told the Dallas Morning News. “We’re just getting started. I know we’ve been hitting these workouts, and we’re just excited for what we can be as a team.”

It would be challenging for any QB, let alone Prescott himself, to duplicate what he did in 2016 as a surprise starter replacing an initially injured Tony Romo. Prescott’s individual numbers (29 total TDs, 4 INTs, 104.9 rating, 67.8 completion percentage) were impressive enough, but it also added up to a 13-3 record for Dallas, including five fourth-quarter comebacks.

For Prescott and the Cowboys to enjoy similar success, several big obstacles must be Cheap Giants Jerseys cleared by the hunted in the NFC East. Here are the five biggest.

The NFC North technically ties the AFC South with 32 projected wins. Green Bay, the North champion in five of the last six years, remains the division’s constant. Minnesota and Detroit are expected to be wild-card contenders while Chicago idles in rebuilding mode.cubs_076

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