NFL Week 7 Best Bets: Big days for Beathard and Julio ahead

When the 2017 schedule threw up a Super Bowl rematch, it had a lot more intrigue than it does now.

Few will be expecting a repeat of the greatest Super Bowl of all time when the Patriots host the Falcons on Sunday night.

“He’s always had a big arm and been able to create plays, but when he doesn’t turn the ball over, our offense and our team has so much more success.

“This is his second year; the game has slowed down. You’ve seen a couple of looks. You’re more prepared. It just comes with experience.”

“It starts this week,” Jackson said Thursday. “He needs to go out and make plays for the football team, create separation for the quarterback so the quarterback feels comfortable letting the ball go and be a steadying influence among that group as we go forward, and I think he can do that.

“He has to go do it — he knows it — on a consistent basis. It’s a one-week opportunity. Here is his resume this weekend. We’ll go from there and keep moving forward.”

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Washington surrendered a season-high 34 points and its second-highest totals in first downs (23) and yards (371) playing without Allen in a Week 7, Monday night, 34-24 loss to Philadelphia.

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