Rob Manfred defends speed-of-play ideas

The national pastime doesn’t need fixing, commissioner Rob Manfred said.

How about a tweak or two? Or specifically, a few ticks Cheap Baseball Jerseys Kids faster when it comes to pace of play?

Manfred is cool with many of the proposals out there aimed at speeding up the game.

According to ESPN, Manfred is in favor of raising the strike zone (top of the knee would be the bottom of the zone), eliminating intentional walks and putting time limits on elements of instant replay.

Manfred also offered tepid support for starting extra innings with a runner on second base as an experiment in the minor leagues, but told ESPN that while “we don’t expect to ever apply [that] at the major league level, we may learn something that would be helpful moving forward.”

The commissioner clearly favors subtle change in order to shorten games, but it’s likely baseball will remain comparatively long form for the foreseeable future.

And, if we’re being honest, the guidelines were created at a time when only white ballplayers were allowed in the major leagues. That’s character? Hell, until Branch Rickey brought Jackie Robinson to the majors in 1947, more than a decade after the first Hall of Fame election, few people in baseball (media included) seemed to mind that policy.

Truthfully, putting the Cubs at No. 1 was the easiest choice of this whole exercise. Bryant won last year’s NL MVP award and Rizzo finished fourth in the voting for the second year in a row.cubs_1184

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