Seahawks GM not 100 percent sure if Marshawn Lynch is actually retiring

By releasing Lynch, the team would either take a $5 million cap hit in 2016 or a $2.5 million hit in both 2016 and 2017. (If Lynch were to be cut with a post-June 1 designation, the salary cap hit would be spread over the remaining two seasons of his contract.)

If the Seahawks were to keep him, Lynch would make a $9 million base salary in 2016.

Schneider might not be sure what Lynch is going to do, but he seems to feel that Beast Mode is going to stay in retirement mode.

Lynch could just end all the confusion and file his retirement papers, or he can just keep eating Skittles and leave everyone in the dark. I’m guessing he’ll go with option 2.

Ten years ago, former NFL receiver Reche Caldwell was catching passes from Tom Brady. Now, he’s sitting in an Alabama jail, serving out the remaining term on a 27-month sentence that was handed down in January 2015 after he went on one of the most inept crime sprees of all time.

Caldwell’s crime-ridden downfall was recently featured in ESPN the Magazine, and it’s almost brutal to read.

After Caldwell’s NFL career ended, he headed to Tampa, Florida, where he started a gambling ring that was taking in almost $225,000 in bets each month, according to ESPN. If you’re going to start an illegal gambling ring, it’s probably best to keep it a secret. That’s not what Caldwell did.

Caldwell was running the gambling ring out of a building that would have over 40 cars parked out in front of it each weekend so people could bet on NFL games. The building was also located right next to an elementary school.

Norman’s complaints are married with a quaint quote from the cornerback about how he envisioned his life if he signed a long-term deal with the Panthers.

“I began to envision my life [in Carolina], growing old there,” Norman said. “I envisioned being that guy who lived his whole life in the Carolinas, and could positively impact that area.”

Just sitting on a rocking chair, gazing out off the porch, watching the kids play in the field and soaking it all in. Come on, dude. Norman wanted to be the highest-paid cornerback in the league — he believed he was owed that contract and, rightfully, wanted to ensure he maximized his earning potential. Especially considering how long he took to get paid and how little he’s made so far for his efforts as an NFL player.

Aguayo could get his first — and possibly only — regular-season chance in Week 11 when the Bucs travel to Kansas City (average temperature in late November: High of 55, low of 37 degrees). After that, however, Tampa faces the Seahawks, Saints and Panthers at home, and play at San Diego, Dallas and New Orleans.

So, realistically, Aguayo might not have to attempt a cold-weather kick until January, and that assumes the Bucs make the playoffs. Whatever happens, he’s not worried about the critics.

“There’s going to be critics everywhere, you know?” he said. “I think the Buccaneers and the coaching staff here made the right decision. I think you’re just going have to wait until the season gets here. I mean kickers, I think, they score points so they’re an offensive weapon and as we can see with the extra point moving back to 33 yards you know it’s gonna change the game. I think in the future that there’s going to be a lot more draft picks used on good kickers, and I think the kickers are gonna change the game.”

That’s not exactly the same thing as the rocking chair and the porch and do-goodery around the Southern city. Both descriptions are appropriate for Carolina and Washington, respectively, but you can’t have it both ways.

The most bizarre factoid from the article? Norman ended up canceling a youth football camp in Charlotte.

A few minutes after the financial call, Norman scrolls through his Instagram and jolts upright. “Oh my goodness, the camp!” he says, referring to a youth football camp his Starz24 foundation had planned to stage this summer in North Carolina.

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