Steve Sarkisian: Alcoholism something I have to work on every day

Steve Sarkisian has been candid about his battle with alcoholism, which cost him his job at USC in 2015, but assured his disease won’t affect his performance with the Falcons.

After the former Alabama offensive coordinator accepted the same position with the Falcons earlier this week, he said he’s grateful for the opportunity and will continue to work on his alcoholism daily.

Cirque le Soir said in the statement posted on its Twitter feed: “We proudly celebrate diversity, not only as part of our shows, but as part of who we are. We would not dismiss anyone as ‘too urban’ and we would not turn anyone away on the basis of their ethnicity, sexuality or any other characteristic — other than those addressed in our door policy.”

“There has to be a separation of sports gambling and the NFL. That is something we think is imperative. We want our fans to understand that the product on the field does not have any undue influence.”

Goodell was pressed by several reporters on relocation, including the Chargers’ recent Premier League Cheap Jerseys decision to bolt San Diego and become the second team in Los Angeles.

“We worked very hard as a league to try to get that done, to try to be creative and find solutions to get that stadium built,” Goodell said of San Diego’s situation. “That’s disappointing because we wanted to get it done.

“We will all take a shared responsibility in that.”

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