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Manager Aaron Boone said he didn’t know why it happened.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018:

That’s a good question, he said, smiling. Did you get an answer on that? Yeah, um. We’ll make sure it’s secure (Sunday) when we head out there. Why was it open in the first place? Yankees reliever Chasen Shreve said he wasn’t sure who had opened it last, but that typically there’s a stadium security guard […]   Read More →

Steve Sarkisian: Alcoholism something I have to work on every day

Saturday, June 17th, 2017:

Steve Sarkisian has been candid about his battle with alcoholism, which cost him his job at USC in 2015, but assured his disease won’t affect his performance with the Falcons. After the former Alabama offensive coordinator accepted the same position with the Falcons earlier this week, he said he’s grateful for the opportunity and will […]   Read More →

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