The All-Star guard has his championship ring.

Playing on LeBron’s time has paid off for Irving so far. He’s won an NBA championship and has three years of NBA Finals experience. He’s had the chance to study one of the best to ever do it, and he played Robin Oakland Raiders Cheap Jerseys to LeBron’s Batman in their successful Finals run two years ago.

But Irving has a chance now to move on his own time. He has a chance to forge his legacy with players his age in any of his preferred destinations, which include New York, San Antonio, Minnesota, and Miami.

The All-Star guard has his championship ring. He’s won Olympic gold medals, won All-Star MVP at the second-youngest age (behind LeBron, of course) and has proven to have the killer mentality needed to forge a legacy of his own.

Irving was denied the chance to be a franchise player years ago when Paypal Cheap Jerseys LeBron returned to Cleveland. Now, it’s time for Kyrie to look out for himself. There’s nothing wrong with that.

As the first pick in the draft, expectations are always going to be high on Fultz. And while playing in Utah, he didn’t disappoint. Fultz averaged 20 points per game on 47 percent shooting in two games. He was basically a walking bucket.

But get this — he also averaged 1.5 blocks per game. It’s obviously a small sample, but those were the same crazy plays like this all season long at Washington. (Video via Joe Giglio)

Add that to the fact that Fultz is, indeed, a walking bucket, and we’ve got an exciting player on our hands. It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll play more after playing just two of three games in Utah’s summer league.

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