They desperately wanted Westbrook to break the record

Tampa Bay used its first-round selection in 2014 on Evans, a big-bodied receiver who towers over most defensive backs. Evans is an excellent route-runner with solid hands and speed. Whenever quarterback Jameis Winston needs a big play, he always looks in Evans’ direction. Evans has put up 3,578 receiving yards and 27 touchdowns in his career so far.

Luck is an obvious, but correct, choice. He seamlessly replaced Peyton Manning as the face of the franchise, leading the Colts to three straight division titles and one AFC Championship appearance. He also has three Pro Bowl appearances to his name. While the Colts have struggled building a coherent team around Luck, he’s still the guy worth building around.

One of the best parts of watching Russell Westbrook break Oscar Robertson’s record for the most triple-doubles in a season was the reaction of the fans throughout. When he got to NBA Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping nine assists against the Nuggets, after reaching double digits in points and rebounds, the game became an emotional roller coaster. He would penetrate and dish the ball out to an open teammate, and the fans would stand and roar in suspense as the shot went up, and then recline in disappointment when the shot bounced off the rim.

It wasn’t a severe disappointment, though, the fans were MLB Jerseys Usa having fun. They desperately wanted Westbrook to break the record, just as they did against the Suns, when Phoenix purposely fouled to stop Westbrook from achieving it.

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