Week 11 NFL preview: Patriots vs. Panthers

Tom Brady and the Patriots have been a proven commodity in the AFC playoffs for the last decade, while the upstart Panthers have become the NFL’s hottest team with five straight wins. Who wins on Monday night? Matt Ufford and the crew preview the game and make their predictions.

The red-hot Carolina Panthers will get Discount Volleyball Jerseys a chance to prove that they’re a serious contender when they play the perennial playoff machine that is the New England Patriots. Carolina’s defense has been suffocating, particularly in a 10-9 win against the 49ers last week. Tom Brady has improved recently after a short slump, but will he be prepared for one of the top defensive units in football?

Now, the Jaguars are not an expansion team, so Bradley won’t have any leverage there, but three coaches were given a lot of leverage because the teams were brand new: Chris Palmer and the 1999 Cleveland Browns, John McKay and the ’76 Bucs, and Dom Capers with the 2002 Houston Texans.

Palmer went 5-27 over his Denver Broncos Cheap Jerseys two seasons with the Browns, while Capers 14-loss season came in his fourth year with Houston and he was let go and replaced by Kubiak. Could Kubiak be headed to a 14-loss season after eight years with the team? He wouldn’t be the only coach to find himself down the wrong path after a long career with one team.

San Francisco let go of Pete McCulley in the middle of the ’78 season and replaced him with Fred O’Conner on their way to a 1-15 finish. That would be the only time that either of those men would be head coaches in the NFL and only Stanfeld (four games with the Saints) had a shorter career stint as a head coach on this list than McCulley and O’Conner.

The next year the 49ers went the college route, hiring, and later sticking with, Bill Walsh.

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